Graduate Studies

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Mission Statement

tar heelThe Ph.D. program in psychology is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and judgment needed to become active contributors at the highest level to research, teaching, public and professional service, and (for students who receive clinical training) clinical practice in the behavioral science field. Training is offered in six sub-fields: Behavioral NeuroscienceClinical PsychologyCognitive PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyQuantitative Psychology, and Social Psychology. Persons holding a doctorate from this program are qualified to become faculty members in psychology at research universities or liberal-arts colleges; researchers at the PI-level in government or private-sector laboratories; or policy makers or administrators in fields related to psychology. Students receiving clinical training may also become licensed clinical psychologists in private practice, hospitals, or other mental-health settings.

Ph.D. Programs in psychology

General information about our graduate programs can be found in the navigation section of this page. Please click on a link below if you would like to access the specific website for one of our graduate programs.  

Contact Information

For more information about each of our six graduate programs, please visit the programs’ website. If you have specific questions, please email the respective Program Coordinator: